Wednesday, August 29

Port Awesome "Squid & Crossbones"

Entirely hand-drawn in Illustrator CS3, based off of sketches done on some scratch paper, then scanned.

This is some preliminary artwork done for a blog project that is in the works. The design will eventually be used to promote the blog and be featured on anything from t-shirts to sticker.

Wednesday, August 22

African Man

Hand-drawn in Illustrator CS3 based on a few images culled from a Google image search. Will be featured in Literary Writers Network's journal: 10,000 Tons of Black Ink.

Maggie DeRolf

Top: Logo and business card for Maggie Derolf, Wedding and Children's Photography. Created in Illustrator, Victorian element from a clip art book, modified slightly with color added to it to be used as her logo.

Bottom: DVD Cover for Maggie DeRolf, to give clients hi-quality JPG's. Photos edited in Photoshop, design elements created in Illustrator based off of a Victorian clip art book, final construction in InDesign. This was printed on ViaStone brand Premium Photo Paper, Double-Sided, Matte. The other side was a Victorian pattern. The cover was then slipped into a clear Amaray-style DVD case.

Tuesday, August 21

Erin & Phil's Wedding Invitation

Designed primarily in InDesign CS2 with a little prep work in Illustrator CS3. The victorian design elements are from a royalty free clip art package, each are edited slightly for color and composition. The monogram is a free font, Wedding. The text is Trajan Pro. You're probably wondering why its all crooked, I know, I'll post an example of how it's folded later. Until then, if it helps, it basically becomes its own envelope.

I don't think that this requires an explanation.

Done primarily with hand drawing in Illustrator CS3 based on images culled from a couple Google Image searches.