Wednesday, April 14

My Brother, My Brother and Me

The most excellent Justin McElroy of kindly ask me to create a logo and some artwork for the amazing new podcast he is doing with his brothers Travis and Griffin. He requested something in the style of what you might see on PBS in the 80's. So this is what I came up with.

I used Illustrator to make the work mark, the font is Akzizdenz Grotesk, a classic. I then used Photoshop to add some textures and beautiful background is courtesy of the Hubble telescope.

Check out the jump for some alternate artwork I did for them as well.

Tuesday, April 13

Kickstarter Interview

I was interviewed on Kickstarter Blog about my project, which as of this moment, just breached $10,000 dollars. I talk a bit about the process behind creating a couple of the posters.

My life has been a whirlwind of awesome since last Thursday. Thanks in no small part to the people at Kickstarter. I owe them a ton.

Wednesday, April 7

Help me get my posters printed!

I've set-up a Kickstarter project to get the three most popular posters printed! Donate! Help me make this a reality! You win!