Tuesday, February 26

Children's Photographs DVD Covers

Like the Wedding Photographs DVD cover I created earlier, this is a DVD cover for Maggie DeRolf's Childrens Photography. As illustrated in these two examples, they both follow the same basic template, with minor alterations depending on either the gender of the child or personal preference of the subject.
The above project presented a unique challenge. How do I fit photographs of twins into my basic template? Obviously it had to be altered slightly to include photographs of both children on the back of the packaging and due to the wonderful photography of Maggie DeRolf, it wasn't very hard to figure out the front cover.
These covers follow the same basic theme established with her Wedding Photographs DVD cover, but are a little more playful. Polka dots aren't used nearly enough in todays design.

Friday, February 1

I updated my official book/portfolio. I'll be updating my website as well to reflect the change, hopefully soon.