Wednesday, November 18

Five on Five

I was asked to design new ads for the RedEye's famous "Five on Five" where 5 people are asked 5 questions about sports. I took this as an opportunity to go for a nice vintage Boxing poster look. They immediately loved it.
The initial design and layout was done in InDesign, then I exported that to a PDF and mucked it up in Photoshop.
Its pretty straight forward, I'd always wanted to do something in this look and I think I did a pretty good job.

Tuesday, November 17

Chip Tunes

I made this poster for my friend Kiel's class on Chip Tunes. My inspiration was both the 80's title aesthetic (Tron-esque) but with a modern flair, and circuit boards. Which oddly enough, tie directly to the subject matter of the class.  His class turned out really well, and these were handed out afterwards as a take home.