Friday, June 25

AbleGamers Foundation

I created this poster for the AbleGamers Foundation. AbleGamers is a group dedicated to promoting accessibility in gaming. It's a wonderful cause and I was glad to help them out.

The poster is available for pre-order right now, 100% of the proceeds go to them. You can preorder or just donate to the cause here.

Thursday, June 10

Doug Loves Movies

One of my favorite podcasts, Doug Loves Movies, recently had a logo design contest. I didn't really think I would win, but I through together this idea anyways and submitted it. It didn't go anywhere, but Doug Benson did DM me and told he liked it.

Monday, June 7

CRAFTY GAMER's  Crafty Gamer blog interviewed me, its a fun piece, but as usual, the best part is the comments:

"Those posters are amazing, i wish companies would trademark their games with pictures like this instead of the un-original teaser"

"Awesome work. A little too GD for my tastes, but I prefer sloppier aesthetics."

"These are really cool looking, and quite interesting."

"Theyr cool. But I dont think theyr super easy to get. If you hung them up in a mall.... I think a hell of a lot of people would be wtf'ing in front of them."

"I would love to see a God of War poster. [ed. note: Wouldn't we all? he he he] I would definately buy one of those" 

"too bland for my taste.  Simple is good, but this is just a little bit too far."

"The Mario one is my favorite. It really pops. And simply "Here we go...", so powerful, like a huge explosion is about to come bursting through the poster. Just makes me want to go jump kick a dump truck!"

"Just another example of how games have impacted entire facets of culture and inspiration. Games are art, and art is now gaming."