Friday, May 7

Lost Bingo

Firstly, I'd like to thank Max Pictures' Blather Blog for inspiration, I borrowed some of the stuff he made to make these, albeit customized to fit my needs.

At the beginning of this season of Lost some friends and I decided to create a bingo game. We thought of thing that we thought would happen over the course of the last season, some of them funny and others that were our best attempts at Doc Jensen level theorizing.

Side note: These cards are from our second series. Our friend Matt got Bingo about 6 episodes in. So we remade them to better fit the direction the series was headed. Also, the original run only featured Crying Jack in the center square, because honestly, Jack was definately going to cry so we counted it as a free space.

Follow the jump to see 2 more card and links to download and make your own Lost Bingo cards.