Wednesday, December 17

Ch-Ch Changes

So i haven't posted in a really long time with good reason. I got married. Went on a Honeymoon. Moved to Chicago, and got a new job all with in about 4 week and my life has only recently begun to slow down slightly. I'm still trying to figure out if i can post the work i've done for my new job without getting in trouble, because the last place wouldn't let me post anything at all lest I get sued or whatever. So this is something I did for fun, and I hope to update more often in the future.

If its not obvious, its an 8-bit christmas stocking I did in Illustrator.

Tuesday, September 16

Little Big Challenge 003

For those of you not familiar with Little Big Planet, i'd suggest reading up on it. I haven't been this excited for a video game since Super Nintendo. They've been rocking the marketing for this thing so far and they've even done a couple contests. I passed on the first two, but i couldn't pass up the third. It's a design your own SackBoy contest. This was done entirely in illustrator, with some prep work in photoshop and some google image searching for textures. This is my entry, i think the inspiration for it is fairly obvious.

Wednesday, August 27

More Baby DVD Covers

These are some newer baby DVD photograph covers. I love the colors on these ones.

Friday, August 8

Growing Green

This is a branding concept I'm working on. This was done in Illustrator, with a slightly modified version of the Ghosttown font from

I like it, and I talked to our printer and they already do soy-based inks and they have access to recycled paper. I haven't found out about organic cotton shirts yet, but the concept behind this is pretty obvious, how to increase your sales while remaining eco-friendly.

Monday, July 28


I felt like drawing a robot. So I did. This was done most in illustrator and photoshop, with a few scanned elements.

Friday, June 13

Rock The Fourth Invite

This is an invite to a fourth of july party. If it isn't obvious, this is take on the infamous look of various punk flyers I've seen strewn about the city as well as some classics that I found at I got the Guitar Hero logo from the infinite resource that is and the fonts are all from This was constructed in illustrator and printed. After the inital printing I rubbed it on the ground, crumpled it, scratched it and made it generally messy. I then cranked up the darkness on the photocopier to bring out some of the textures. It worked like a charm. I had a really good time doing this one.

Tuesday, May 6

A couple drawrings

These are just some drawings I did for fun mostly. Enjoy. They were both done in illustrator. I did use a reference for Godzilla, but the robot is freehand.

Thursday, April 3

Converse Ad

This is a concept ad for the Converse shoe company. They make the infamous Chuck Taylors. This is sort of my version of these ads. Because I thought these ads were a little too vague and overtly masculine, while I thought there was room for a little more class in their image. So I'm attempting to appeal not only to the cool kids crowd, but also those who view the Chuck Taylors brand as being somewhat nostalgic. The photo was edited together via Photoshop Cs3 (natch) and then everything was compiled in InDesign CS3. I also borrowed some texture from a ratty old folder I have on my desk for the background, though I did alter it heavily.


I did this for Gary Nowak (obviously) who is running for State Representative in Illinois. I have some friends working on his campaign, and they requested my services, which I gladly provided, pro bono of course. This is going to appear on t-shirts and stickers and maybe some other stuff as well. This was all done in Illustrator CS3, using a slightly skewed version of Futura.

Thursday, March 6

Kashi Concept Ads

These are concept magazine advertisement created for the Kashi brand of food products. They offer natural alternatives to some of your favorite unhealthy, chemically "enhanced" foods. These were created in InDesign CS3. I lifted the Kashi Logo from, and the photographs are from I scanned in a paper grocery bag for the texture at the bottom of the page. Let me know what you think. They're kind of big files.

Tuesday, February 26

Children's Photographs DVD Covers

Like the Wedding Photographs DVD cover I created earlier, this is a DVD cover for Maggie DeRolf's Childrens Photography. As illustrated in these two examples, they both follow the same basic template, with minor alterations depending on either the gender of the child or personal preference of the subject.
The above project presented a unique challenge. How do I fit photographs of twins into my basic template? Obviously it had to be altered slightly to include photographs of both children on the back of the packaging and due to the wonderful photography of Maggie DeRolf, it wasn't very hard to figure out the front cover.
These covers follow the same basic theme established with her Wedding Photographs DVD cover, but are a little more playful. Polka dots aren't used nearly enough in todays design.

Friday, February 1

I updated my official book/portfolio. I'll be updating my website as well to reflect the change, hopefully soon.