Thursday, May 21

Let The Right Ghost In

Okay, i said I wouldn't do many more, but i had to. This was suggested by my wife. I added arms to these ones, I just thought it gave them more character.

Wednesday, May 20

Ghost Doom

I don't want this to become a an all ghost blog, but when I get ideas. I have to do them. Otherwise i will forget. I will probably start posting some for reals design work soon. Also, i started a new technique with this one, so i'm adding a higher res version of it than i normally would because you wouldn't notice the newness on the smaller file. Enjoy!

Monday, May 18


Another day, another idea for a ghost. I had intended this to look much different and a bit more detailed, but it didn't work out that way i intended and i went for a much more simple approach, which i rather like.

Wednesday, May 6


I've always wanted to draw an ambigram. I was never confident enough in my drawing skills to try it out but I am extremely confident in my arranging of blocks into geometric patterns. So I came up with this one, if you can't read it, it's my name:

After that, I figured I'd try and be a little less narcissistic and maybe do one for my wife, this time with a little color and rounded edges:


After I created The Ghost of Sparta, I thought of other people I could turn into ghosts and I wanted to see if I could do spider-man. So i did. This is spider-ghost.

Tuesday, May 5

Ghost of Sparta

I rocked through God of War for the PS2 and I'm currently working my way through God of War 2 in preparation for God of War 3 this fall. As a result, I've had Kratos on the mind as of late so I made this image for him. Because I'm a nerd.