Wednesday, May 6


I've always wanted to draw an ambigram. I was never confident enough in my drawing skills to try it out but I am extremely confident in my arranging of blocks into geometric patterns. So I came up with this one, if you can't read it, it's my name:

After that, I figured I'd try and be a little less narcissistic and maybe do one for my wife, this time with a little color and rounded edges:

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nagfa said...

Hi Justin,

good ambigrams these are. The Justin-Russo one is clever as it used the negative space to form the 'U'.

and in case you're not aware, the style (squarish, right-angled, tight configuration) you used hinted of the Arabic Kufic Squares.

so, more ambigrams from you, hopefully..

we design some ambigrams, and kufic squares, too

salam (peace)