Tuesday, November 17

Chip Tunes

I made this poster for my friend Kiel's class on Chip Tunes. My inspiration was both the 80's title aesthetic (Tron-esque) but with a modern flair, and circuit boards. Which oddly enough, tie directly to the subject matter of the class.  His class turned out really well, and these were handed out afterwards as a take home.

These were originally intended to be printed on a nice heavy cardstock using a massive HP plotter. The plotter I had access to is a little old and it just wasn't turning out how I wanted to. So I ended up purchasing the only 11 x 17 cardstock I could find in downtown Chicago and Staples. It definately wasn't fine art quality, it was really rough and slightly yellowish. Worse yet, the only printer I had access to was a just a standard Xerox office color laser printer/copier. After a couple test prints, I was pleasently surprised by the quality.  The rough paper, combined with the not-so-great printer gave it this tactile quality that I think would have been lost had it been printed any other way. It felt classic, once again, like the subject matter.

Initially there were going to be two colors, but due to the printing process, the grey version didn't reproduce well, so we just went with the Commodore 64 inspired blue. Below are the two other versions I created.


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