Monday, December 14


I made this fella for my friend  Bill's birthday. It's my first ever attempt at sculpture. I've always wanted to try it out, ever since I first started reading Toyfare magazine and they had the little tutorials on how to customize action figures.

I sculpted it with Super Sculpey, then used wire for the teeth and claws. I painted it with basic acrylics, then used a Liquitex glaze.  Other fun fact! I've read about it for year, but never had an excuse to do a paint wipe. I mixed a bit of black and brown paint with water then slathered it all over the Sasquatch, using a paper towel I wiped away the excess leaving the paint/water behind in the little notches and crevices. It worked pretty well for my first time.

Bill named him Bobby, and he is now at his home among his menagerie of faux-pets. And special thanks to my beautiful wife for the awesome pictures, more after the jump.

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Furious Buddha said...

He is cuddly and ferocious at the same time; he reminds me of the Abominable Snowman from 'Rudolph' in a good way.