Monday, June 7

CRAFTY GAMER's  Crafty Gamer blog interviewed me, its a fun piece, but as usual, the best part is the comments:

"Those posters are amazing, i wish companies would trademark their games with pictures like this instead of the un-original teaser"

"Awesome work. A little too GD for my tastes, but I prefer sloppier aesthetics."

"These are really cool looking, and quite interesting."

"Theyr cool. But I dont think theyr super easy to get. If you hung them up in a mall.... I think a hell of a lot of people would be wtf'ing in front of them."

"I would love to see a God of War poster. [ed. note: Wouldn't we all? he he he] I would definately buy one of those" 

"too bland for my taste.  Simple is good, but this is just a little bit too far."

"The Mario one is my favorite. It really pops. And simply "Here we go...", so powerful, like a huge explosion is about to come bursting through the poster. Just makes me want to go jump kick a dump truck!"

"Just another example of how games have impacted entire facets of culture and inspiration. Games are art, and art is now gaming."

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