Friday, July 9


I just wanted to post some little digital sketches I've worked on recently. These are more or less exercises, and not really made for one intended purpose.

This is one is inspired by the movie Moon from 2009. It was one of the most brilliant movies I've ever seen, I absolutely adore it.

This is a slightly updated style I'm working on for my series of video game posters. I don't know that this will ever be included in the set (or printed) but I thought it was pretty rad. It's based off of John Marston from Red Dead Redemption.

I draw a lot of inspiration from images of space. So when a new one is released, I go nuts. This is pretty much just me messing around in photoshop, working on techniques and having fun.

Thats it! I hope to post more of these in the future, and don't forget: Donate $55 to AbleGamers Foundation and you get a sweet poster signed by me!


Chris said...

I frickin' LOVE that Space image! I'd love to use that on a huge canvas hanging in my bedroom...

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Red Dead Redemption poster, the sooner you put it up for sale, the sooner I buy it. Please make sure you include it in the next series, it'd be such a waste to have that design and let it set.