Wednesday, August 11

Bob Ball

Professional Voice Artist Bob Ball approached me recently to design a logo that could be use on his website as well as future collateral like business cards. He is a big fan of old school microphones, and old school is what I'm all about. I wanted to evoke a mid-40's to mid-50's vibe while still keeping the logo entirely timeless. I loved the idea of being able to point to elements of the logo that represent different era's but not being able to place the whole in any one era.

Click here to see the other versions I did for Bob that add a little bit more personality.

I also created a handful of patterns for him to use in anyway that he pleases, here they are displayed on mock business cards:

1 comment:

Bob said...

Once upon a time, I was logo-less. A dark, bitter unbranded landscape was all I knew.

It had been all that I was.

Then like a hot beam of sunshine piercing the greyest of Seattle skies a man, nay - a superman, came to my rescue with a smooth, retro logo that even now adorns my fledgling website:

Long story short, shower Justin with some of your dollars in return for great artwork. You won't be sorry you did.