Wednesday, October 3

Mix CD Cover

This is another Mix CD cover. I did it all in Photoshop, the layout and even digitally coloring the photo. The aim for this was to give it a "classic" feel, so I attempted to model this cover off of the cover for the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". It still didn't feel right, so I implemented a technique that usually works out for me, I scanned slightly tattered piece of cardboard and applied it as a texture to give the image a bit of a warmer feeling, driving home the "classic" feel, like it was printed on cardboard like old vinyl album covers. Then I layered and nudged the text element to make them look like they were printed on an offset printer and misaligned slightly. If you must ask, yes this was for my Fiance as well.

Extra kudos should go to me for making the bracelet she's wearing as well, which is a long story I don't want to get into.

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