Tuesday, October 2

Mix CD Packaging

This is packaging for a Mix CD that I made for my fiance for her birthday, titled "Every River I've Travelled...Has Led Me To The Wabash", it features all traveling songs. This was printed on standard issue cardstock on a color laser printer, then constructed by hand into a gatefold style package. I'll break down each section of the artwork and perhaps at a later date post a completed packaging photo:

Outside Cover:
This image is from a long and arduous Google Image Search. I don't remember the exact search terms but not much editing was done to this other than the scrawled handwriting which I did by hand with a marker on a seperate sheet of paper, then scanned and applied various effects to via Photoshop. The crease for the gatefold would go right down the center of this image. The dimensions were 5.25" by 5.25" when folded.
Inside Gatefold:
I scanned the cover of a leatherbound book to get the texture, then changed the color to a the red that you see. The track listing was scrawled on sheets of legal paper, torn, then scanned and positioned via Photoshop.

Inner Sleeve:
This is another Googled searched image, other than the blueish color and the scrawled text, not much editing was done to this image. This sleeve held the CD and was 5" by 5" when folded, and was slid into the first pocket of the gatefold.


This was probably the most complex and involved the most amount of work of any part of this packaging. The image was found via Google Image Search, I then printed out the naked image on standard color laser paper. Each location indicated on the map was a place I had travelled to with out my Fiance, they were marked using torn pieces of brightly colored paper. Not only were they marked but they listed, in miles, how far I was away from my Fiance. I attached the markers with some plain scotch tape then added a few hand written notes. I then scanned the whole thing in two parts, and reconstructed them via Photoshop. The final printed size was 10" by 15", it was folded down and slid into the second pocket of the gatefold.

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