Wednesday, September 23

American Hardcore

I made this poster for the first in a series of classes at Harper College called "Tower Records Goes To College" my good friend Scott organized classes taught by a bunch of us former Tower Records employees. One of my best friends, Tom Joniak, was going to do a class about American Hardcore music. Unfortunately, his class didn't meet the registration minimum and was cancelled, but the rest of the classes are still on track. Since this idea was pretty last minute, I haven't had the time to do them for all of the other classes yet. I won't be able to for the Fall courses, but with more lead time I'll do my damndest to get a poster made for each class in the spring.

I did this entirely in illustrator. I dig it alot. It was pretty heavil inspired by the posters Olly Moss did for A Life Well Wasted. I absolutely love Olly's work and I hope it doesn't feel like I'm ripping him off, because that wasn't what I intended. I just dig his style alot and its a look I've always wanted to try my hand at.

I'm for sure going to do two more of these, one for my class (about Star Wars) and one for my friend Kiel's class about Chiptunes.

More information about the classes can be found here.

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