Wednesday, June 15

Slime Daddy

I've been pretty busy believe it or not, just haven't posted in a while.

Thought I'd share my Ghostbusters inspired print for the Molded Heroes show at the Sixty Bones Gallery in Aurora, IL back in April. Titled "Slime Daddy" and inspired by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. I wanted to come up with a way to represent my two favorite toys (Ghostbuster and Hot Wheels) from when I was a kid, as well as my appreciation for the Roth style. The print itself is 20"x 20", and it's beautiful.

 This was drawn by me (natch) and printed by the wonderful folks at Delicious Design League in Chicago, IL. I've worked with them a bunch, they are upstanding gentlemen.

You can see photos of the actual print and purchase your own copy at Sixty Bones

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lizzhatfield said...

Wow, great illustration of that slimy guy.. :p
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