Monday, February 28

MBMBaM Tote Bag

The Brothers McElroy have been keeping me pretty busy, and I couldn't be happier working with them. Since they joined up with Maximum Fun, they asked me to come up with a design for MBMBaM tote bag for donors to the MaxFun Drive. So I put together something for them that combines 3 of my favorite things in the world: Comedy, Inspiration and Space. This is actually an idea that I've had for ages and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to implement it in such a fun way.

Don't forget to donate to the MaxFun Drive to get your tote, or one of the other totes emblazoned with the various podcasts of Maximum Fun.

Speaking of MaxFun, if you purchase anything from my store between now at March 14, 25% of the profits will be donated to MaxFun! As an added bonus, there's free domestic shipping as well!

Hit the jump to see some other recent MBMBaM works.

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